Cows Against Malaria
Microfinance On the Move

Based on the experience and early success of funding the pig farm supporting St Jude Clinic-Nakifuma, Deacon Don began exploring implementing another project at St Luke clinic, which serves KKonge Parish in central Uganda near the capitol city of Kampala.


A group of community leaders in rural Kkonge convened to organize a plan to fund the local community clinic, which is financially struggling because many of the community members are dealing with malaria fever.


Fr Denis proposed a microfinance investment of $15,000 to establish a sustainable “cow breeding farm”.  The proceeds would create a small dairy operation, and the proceeds would be dedicated to supporting the clinic. US donor-investors contributions created the  “Cows Against Malaria fund”.  Eight Fresian Heifers already pregnant would be purchased and housed in a barn built from US Funds to milk and later be bred to expand the herd.


Today, the success of this microfinance story proudly reports that more than 28 dairy cows continue to bring in money to support the clinic. Additional Proceeds were allocated to start coffee and bean plantations. Uganda media has reported the success of the Cows Against Malaria project.


US support for microfinance in these partner communities aims to stimulate expanded access to urgently needed healthcare, especially for impoverished women and small children.The alliance works to encourage autonomy as the community grows and develops the ability to care for their own. The US “Cows Against Malaria Fund” in KKonge was to create an economic boost that would empower innovate ways to build upon achieved success.
St Luke Health Centre

In 2018, “The Microfinance Alliance Africa Projects Foundation” (MAAPF), a US 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, was approved.

Fr. Dennis and Don
In 2024, Fr Denis and the KKonge community applied for and were approved for a second grant. A $5000 poultry project has been implemented to build health access connections in eight regional sub-parishes. The funds anticipated will purchase mosquito bed nets, organize education to combat malaria, provide scholarships to girls who suffer discrimination, provide vocational training in forming microfinance coop lending groups, offer vaccinations, and fund mobile healthcare outreaches to distant villages.
cow farm


  • 8 dairy cows were purchased in 2018 and have multipled to 28 in our KKonge, Uganda breeding farm partership with MAAP Foundation’s medical mission.
  • These cows are Holstein Friesian, originally from the Netherlands. This breed can produce over 20 liters a day.
  • Our herd proudly produces a sustainable $200+ per month.
  • Milk sold locally pays for impoverished mothers and babies to receive urgent medical care at the St. Luke Clinic.