St. Jude’s Clinic, NAKIFUMA, UGANDA

This was the MAAP Foundation’s first project in 2013. For over five decades, Mother Teo and her family have been treating women and their children in rural Uganda. In parts of the country where malaria complicates pregnancies and kills thousands of infants, critical healthcare can be rare. MAAP Foundation is working with these healthcare heroes at St Jude Clinic in Nakafuma, Uganda, to bring healthcare to these mothers and children.

Evaluation total: $50,000

  • The initial funds raised created the Rita Lee Dispensary so that they could receive the medications needed to treat malaria and common pregnancy and child ailments.
  • Cash and equipment donations included an Ultrasound and an incubator for the clinic.
  • This was the first location of the Cows Against Malaria project. Donated funds raised microfinance money for a cow and working pig farm.
  • The funds generated from the microfinance initiatives transformed the clinic, establishing a functional surgical center previously unavailable in rural Uganda.

Microfinance Farming,


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